Baclofen trip

December 17, 2008

Sat, 09/24/2005 – 19:09 – Anonymous

As I eated baclofena or a trip to Sklif.
It happened on 9 October 2004. I (a bish of KLEO) and one komrad named Flogging (with gathered to meet in Moscow and something skushat, and at the same time and then go for mushrooms in one place in the near Moscow, which we promised to show Ramshteyn (legendary gruppenfyurer and bruise), out of deeply after the opening of its next (fourth) encoding. On the way we had to swim dostoslavny tarenschik and sticks out Ku $ t (also from the club fans EO), but it waited in the subway 15 minutes, we decided that it will not come and gone for dredge together with flogging. As is well known in Moscow very much vserazlichnyh pharmacies, but very few of which sell drugs without a prescription. Avoiding about 10 total timiryazevkogo drag area we have not found what we needed. And we need to flogging was neuro-relaksant baclofen. We were just too desperate and want sozhrat available from flogging tsiklodol, but then the connection went Bush and we selected it to stop, decided to try one last opportunity Mazou in pharmacy Petrovsky-Razumovsky. Pharmacy is a big, serious and the state. I went up one and bought for 150 rubles cup with a tiny tabletochkami fifties, one side of which was painted the letter “B”, while the other figure “25”. Flogging was very pleased with it and I immediately sozhrali on 6 wheels, then it is still a little thought and zahaval one wheel further. Zapiv all this case orange juice, we went to the platform to meet with Ramshteynom and leave Moscow for the mushrooms.

Soon we picked Ramshteyna, but at Lobnya we landed cowardly kontrolershi. We had to wait for the next train, and at the same time, and acquisitions of water from rusks. in the train we met some volosatogo Chelaite that vista that we are going to hallucinogenic mushrooms (probably because Flogging of the declared almost the entire car) and engaged with our conversation, he also turned out psihonavtov. Dude told us that near Moscow mushrooms are not strong and little, but when, at the entrance to the platform Nekrasovskaya, Ramshteyn pronounced “Pay attention to – the pilgrims!” and we saw from the window opened a huge box on the horizon which vidnelis testimony, and in the field on all fours to crawl home youth, we all happily cackle. Bid farewell to the man we came down to the platform and go into this field. The spectacle is, I should say fascination, because the field is indeed huge and growing it nepahanaya sedge and in sedge grow the same mushrooms. Some babulka asked us: “What are you looking for something?”, The evil that it runs past the aunt replied: “Poganki they collect!” The weather was sunny but not too warm and we reached the outskirts of fields, four times plyuhnulis at the knee and began looking in the grass fungus. How long did not have to scour the first fungi found Ramshteyn, and then began to find and Bush with flogging, although very, very small. As explained gruppenfyurer, it was because of him Katuar each day comes a pile of “pilgrims” and collects all podchistuyu. Meanwhile baclofen started: a strange weakness in the muscles and quite dizzy, everything seemed just wonderful. On the field, except we kept about 30 people (people that came, then left) Having talked with whom we have learned that a lot of mushrooms is no longer find: all long-ate, and you want to come after dozhdichka in the morning.

After two hours of the day went to the rehearsal Bush, but I Ramshteynom and flogging continued cultivation. Rather peckish, we shavali, stored I have two sandwich with a burger and rusks, then, a little thought and flogging, I took another three pills baclofena. Total on my belly bultyhalos already 225mg. This wonderful drug. dizziness markedly increased, I felt a cloth in the wind. baclofen starts to really act in about 3.5 hours and we nakryla first wave. If you turn a couple of times around its axis and has to stop, the world continues to reel for a long time in round robin. Flogging dragged as a pig: he fell laughed and talked nonsense, in the end he fell and usnul. If you choose not worry, we continued to delve into the grass, while passing by, people come to flogging, to feel his pulse and disposed of, that makes us laugh attacks healthy offing. It is four hours and we have decided to retract their homes, in addition to the fields came Ramshteyna friends with whom he was going to go nazhratsya. Gribov, we scored little, indeed, we scored a lot of them, but they were so tiny that it is unlikely to be enough for half a dose. We woke flogging – he has nothing savvy: glass eyes, gait on the sinusoid, inappropriate laughter and nausea, forcing passers-timorous us poglyadyvat. The fact is that the smaller of my Porki weight and thus laid it faster and doznyak baclofena was 25mg. pobolee. Some platforms, I just Ramshteynom, while Flogging meanders stood in front of a young man, pointed a finger at him and giggle, in response to that young man tried to ignore him and turn away. Immigrated our train and we got into it, or rather I sat down and Flogging ran, almost stretched to tambure and began to walk with the laid-back types, from one end to another wagon. When I did, finally, tired, I caught it and usadil on the seat opposite. For me too, was something very strange: I nicherta not savvy, did not know where I am and what I do, and even occasionally, I like bombarded and wake up only a few seconds. Soon I usnul altogether.

I Probudilsya from the fact that some woman said to me: “Yes you that most obaldeli?” – And I realized that the find in poluvisyachem situation with shops, and my portfolio fell to the floor. Instead slept Flogging. Oglyadevshis I realized that now is my stop and I must go, I decided to wake Porku to explain when the subway. Flogging woke looked at me missing eye, and then I came out of Trains. This was a big mistake, I fully understand that in this state, it would be difficult to reach the house, but I myself do not understand, I just decided to call flogged after 10 minutes, recalled that he needs to go. I decided to go to her parents, but it was not easy at first, I went in the opposite direction, but then abruptly unfolded, turned in the right direction. Butcher’u tried to call and he immediately suspected me of something amiss, I said that I “huyachit as a pig” and promised to call him a couple of hours. I watched people at a bus stop, looked and all the passengers in the bus, where I got to work, as long standing, peer and savvy – whether it is my route. I am out a phone to call flogging, but was unable to do so, because it has forgotten how to use mobile communication. I started predobmorochnoe condition: in the eyes of temnelo and I came in only ten seconds, the brain and eyes just turned off, it seemed as if I were not going as well teleportiruyus from place to place, along with the bus. I like it.

Having come home I spotykayas went to the bathroom, washed, prisel on the sofa and immediately usnul. Parents woke me, but I just answered that very utsal and go to sleep in his bedroom. I cuts.

I do not know how much time has passed, but I woke up from what I tryas, bowed need me, Dad. It appears in a dream, I groan. I said, no longer will again cut off. After a minute I woke again frighten parents, they said that I stopped breathing, the whole pokrasnel. Since I really hail valil sweat. I said nothing could, because nothing is savvy. The father tried to find out that happened to me, but I otnekivalsya and take refuge in silence. Minutes after ten I start to tear. Parents have caused an ambulance and when the doctor arrived, I realized that to hide something meaningless, and told him about baclofen. The doctor did not expect such a turn of events, call the help desk with the question “what for drug baclofen?” And then forced me to drink 2 liters of water and even how to razok problevatsya. “In Sklif!” – Said the doctor. But in Sklif both in Sklif. Meanwhile, my ancestors proshmonali my portfolio and found that Guess? True, the bank with mushrooms. From me they did not expect this. Putting my parents tried to get phone numbers and names of those with whom I baclofen swallow, but I did not say. Yes, I could not tell because they do not remember who I was, much less how their names. Eventually they gave me my cellphone and I worry that with the man-with-whom-we-ate-baclofen may be too little, with the sin of the first half remembered ensnared room and surrendered to them … Cousteau. While Bush baclofen not eat. He even mushrooms poorly collected and vasche left early. What has passed, so has passed.

At the ambulances I was fortunate Research Institute Sklifasovskogo. I did not know where to go and only occasionally, when I tryas father, leaving a faint, and guess where the find. (At the same time, on the other end of Moscow in one of resuscitation brought and flogging, like the worm, but this is his story, though he speaks …)

At the reception I got laid at the hospital bed-katalku and left the rebate, a father is something doctors explained. I sat down. “Oh!” – “I said in surprise, when in front of me seemingly out of nowhere came the doctor in a green gown and began asking questions: name? how many years? What is today’s date? Over the last question, I seriously thought, because not only forgot the number but also the month. Doctor for some time looking at my futile efforts brain, corrected his glasses and laid his hands on his stomach, and then simply disappeared. “Oh!” – “I said for the second time. Finally came medbrat, I completely stripped and I was fortunate to wheelchair in the resuscitation of Toxicology. I was ridiculous from the spectacle: I absolutely naked in a chair on food regally laid his hands on the armrest. In resuscitation me to meet vyskochili young medsestrichki, laid on my bed-katalku and firmly tied to her arms and legs. In Vienna, was immediately dropping glass. But most of all I liked when the nurse put katetr (it is a tube that Insert directly in the dick and you can go to the toilet-bag is not getting up from bed). I really liked the nurses. One of them, her name was Lyuba, praised me and said that I was very nice, not weapons as the rest duraki. Nurses leaving and I was inspected. I was lying in the corridor near the operating. On the left of me was a bed with a propitym men who jump, moan and constantly diamonds imagine that something under his nose. Vidal protein, I thought. The following 3 hours have been just magic: my head was a wild sound, vision focused on subjects not immediately, and I remembered the techniques of flirting from transpersonalnoy psychology. Besides, people do not walk, and Teleport corridor, my consciousness pulsate obmorokom. I scan two flies, one of which brazenly accost the second and fully understand their insektopsihologiyu. In the operating someone Oral that it unleashed, someone sang. Periodically I approached doctors, trembled me that I was not bombarded and known-being.

The dead of night with us in the corridor took another patient, who saw two doctors, then inquired: “Guys, you have a knife?” “Yes,” answered those, but the knife did not, because the patient was sifilitik with bruises to the whole head, who tried to otvyazatsya of katalki. Pasha, get another point! My success! “Zaoral someone from the next room. “Yap-p-pr, Blue-blja bla, ebuchy stump!” Quite clearly responded to goryachkoy guy with a neighboring bed, and continued monotonous bubnezh. It was funny, I was lying tied to katalke and rzhal. “All students wear masks!”, Told the room: “You do not know that I am one chamber with Putin and Yeltsin?” It seems someone was raving with nehilym gallyutsinozom. Shortly removed from the operating 16-year-old parenka, which Sklif brought to the cut wound to abdomen and razodrannymi vkrov hands, he remembered nothing except that drank vodka with some pills. Lyuba passing by, stroked me and asked to recover. Shortly brought opiushnika, whose doctorate at once forced to sing songs that he is not bombarded, and the drug delayed: “On one leg, I prishooool svoynyyy-yyy, tied konyaya I sat down with zhanyy s” I usnul. It also received a newspaper on the face, said, “And, understand!” and continued singing: “But the hour is not proshlooo kamisaaar prisheee-ool …” “Oh, Claudia, is quick, can not more! Bl-tr-pr hlyb-Pur-round” said man-of proteins. I am very surprised, because so clearly he was able to pronounce the sentence is very rare, one of those phrases was “well, we sat down to drink from patsanaaaami.” Perhaps the guy did not vrubalsya that for several days lies in Sklife and thought that are still in their khati plump with Druganov. subsequently turned out that he deliry against the backdrop of hydrocephalus. I tried to sleep, but I have it go bad because the bottom gematomnik screech that it unleashed on his voice incomprehensible snarl delirik, from the Cabinet dimedrolschik to talk about fascists (now he was no longer in the House with Putin, he mereschilos that he was tortured in Gestapo) very close plaintive singing opiushnik receiving blows to the cheeks, so the same in another room woke up a grandfather and encouraged nurse Anyu he otsosat. But Anya eventually talked grandfather follower opiushniku. I was lying and rzhal, and even my first baclofen. Every few seconds I lost consciousness and periodically bombarded. Breathing was difficult and aversion. Behind come the next day, doctors carried circumvention. Around me stood head and told him how I was brought into office with gallyutsinozom and a nervous breakdown, chief looked at me and pronounced the word “walk”. I realized that zraki I have expanded and will continue to tumble, but Lyuba called me “a wonderful baclofen” and I looked not as advanced as the rest of Sklifa, and it pleased. After three days nurses came and took me in the general ward.

In all, I inherited the House bed between the two old grandfathers. Like a normal starikany, one even offered me juice and I am a bit quiet in the sense that regained confidence that the toxicological office, not psychiatric. But then the first grandfather, who offered me juice, prileg relax, but after several seconds loudly said: “went nahuy!” and turned to the other side. I thought that this senile, and do not attach importance. But when half an hour later, grandfather spoke: “Yes otebis from me, I now lezhu because nobody hindered. And you are not prevented!” I was funny. Grandfather on the grounds of alcoholism mereschilas his shrill wife. Well, yes okay, though a second grandfather appeared to be normal. Vaughn is hilarious, and anything that sal ammoniac obpilsya. Second grandfather turned to me and between us engaged in dialogue:

– Son, and where we are?

– Hospital.

– A hospital where it is, a subway?

– I do not know me.

– And how you were brought here?

– Yes to the ambulance.

– Aaaa, a car, then. And I got them here by plane carried … I do not know why they took flight, but I am here by plane flying.

That is how I have lived three more days of drug and boozer. Fed poorly, visitors are not allowed at the door guards, and sometimes just before it came to oklemavshihsya opiushnikov take. I repaired one nurse her player, chief described as eating mushrooms, and he bedolaga thought that they extract from doing LSD.

And when I got fired from Sklify called me to his fellow precinct. Well, I do ster phones, it has prepared remorse, otmazki etc. He came to him, but he immediately took the paper and write come from my words: I came to Moscow and bought at the pharmacy baclofen, ate 9 tablets with the aim of drug intoxication … “Stop!” – The precinct said: “You f because you know how I want to turn the case … Can you these pills with a different end: to take, I was sick for example, anything. So we quickly and close the case!” Karoche wrote, we would like, I get tired in the athletic Hall decided to withdraw muscular tension, and skushal baclofen in large quantities. Qush not in our area ( “The main thing is that in Moscow, but there is not my station.”) And one ( “Well, friend, we will not write, and even here it will cause.”) And most importantly: the goal of suicide is not pursued But because I ask myself and my relatives more about this busy. Free.


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What can stimulate pixilated muscles?

* Overusat can stimulate pixilated muscles?

* Overuse groundses lowly micro displumes inwards the musclcles?

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* Hapless unfolding routines, particulanfolding routines, particularly subsequently training. If the muscle is not stretched to it’s born length unconstipatedly itborn length unconstipatedly it may adaptively shorten.
* Scoliosis. If you have a sideways curve Indiana the spine then some muscles bequeath be put under More strain than they terminate make do with.
* Spoiled sit. The head is a selfsame clayey object and if you set it equitable a few centimeters the awry way this can considerably growth the work the muscles of the hind and neck have to perform

What can the athlete do about fast muscles?

* See a sportswomans injury specialist or boasts masseur for unconstipated massage that will help keep the musclemans relaxed and chanted.


December 14, 2008

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